The Acting Collective

The Scandalous Four, October / November 2018


2018 Auckland Fringe Season of Lockdown

Cast                                               Production Team

Denise Snoad as Jacqui                                                                                                       Matthew Diesch, Director

Aimee Olivia as Lily                                                                                                          Julia Rutherford, Production Manager, Technician Designer

Amanda Rolls as Emma                                                                                                     Marianne Martin, Stage Manager                                                                   

Jess Bennett as Keira                                                                                                        Erika Schaab Farrant, Costume Designer

Lily Garrard as Zoe                                                                                                            Julia Rutherford & Aimee Olivia, Producers

 Sophie Sharp as Martha                                                                                                   Written by Nik Rolls                                    



Photos by Matthew Diesch 

2017 Season of Boy Afraid -a Work in Progress

Written by The Acting Collective

Cast                                                               Production Team 

Terry Hooper as Brian                                     Denise Snoad as Paula                                                       Terry Hooper, Director                                             

Francesca Mooney as Sophie                           Andrew Gordon as Scott                                                    Julia Rutherford, Production Manager, Technician Designer

Aimee Olivia as Cathy                                     Zachary Robinson as Jack                                                  Marianne Martin, Stage Manager, Assistant Director 

Marianne Martin as Scarlet                              Lauren Middleton as Tilly                                                   Erin Fagan, Composer

Lee-Ann Dirks as Rosie                                   Erik Van De Wydeven as Jacob                                            The Acting Collective, Monologue Directors, Producer  

Boy Afraid Photos by Marianne Martin 

The Scandalous Four, October/November 2018

2017 Season of Persuasion

Novel by Jane Austen.  Adapted by Tanya Wheeler

Cast                                                                      Production Team

Jocelyn Christian as Anne Elliot                           Sue Golding as Lady Russell                                                          Terry Hooper, Director                                     Julia Rutherford, Production Manager, Technician Designer 

Francesca Mooney as Mary Musgrove                    Christianne Van Wijk as Elizabeth Elliot                                          Marianne Martin, Stage Manager                      Andrew Gordon, Assistant Director                                                      Matthew Diesch as Sir Walter Elliot                       Zachary Robinson as William Elliot                                                Erika Schaab Farrant, Costume Designer             Erin Fagan, Composer 

Andrew Gordon as Charles Musgrove                    Aimee Olivia as Mrs Musgrove/Mrs Smith                                       The Acting Collective, Producer                          Stephanie Jane, Hair & Make Up Artist

Denise Snoad as Mrs Croft                                  Simon Shreeve as Admiral Croft 

Lee-Ann Dirks as Louisa Musgrove                        Nik Rolls as Captain Benwick 

Shane Jefferys as Captain Wentworth     

Persuasion Black & White Photos by Matthew Diesch, Persuasion Coloured Photos by David Chan

2016 Season of Pride & Prejudice

Novel by Jane Austen. Adapted by Jon Jory

Cast                                                                    Production Team 

Simon Shreeve as Mr Bennet                                     Denise Snoad as Mrs Bennet                                               Terry Hooper, Director                                  Christianne Van Wijk, Producer 

Aimee Olivia as Elizabeth Bennet                                Meg Andrews as Jane Bennet                                               Marianne Martin, Stage Manager                  Julia Rutherford, Artistic Technician Designer  

Francesca Mooney as Mary Bennet                             Lauren Middleton as Kitty Bennet                                        Nick Martin, Stage Manager Howick               Erika Schaab Farrant, Costume Designer

Jocelyn Christian as Caroline Bingley                           Sue Golding as Lady Catherine De Bourgh/ Maid                    Stephanie Jane, Make Up Artist                      Erin Fagan, Composer

Christianne Van Wijk as Mrs Gardiner                         Zachary Robinson as Mr Collins/Sir William Lucas                   Narina Riddle, Choreogarpher

Terry Hooper as Mr Gardiner                                     Andrew Gordon as Mr Wickham/Ball Guest

Shane Jefferys as Mr Bingley/Fitzwillam                      Narina Riddle as Lydia Bennet 

Sam Goodchild as Mr Darcy                                      Chelsea Tobin as Charlotte Lucas/Georgiana Darcy 

Pride & Prejudice Photo's by Dave Andrews 

Members of the Production Team, Past and Present