The Acting Collective

Our Story

Established in 2015 as a weekly meet up for actors wanting to work on their craft without having to fork out large amounts of money.
An idea put out on Facebook by Christianne Van Wijk, a filmmaker and actress who wanted to work with like minded people.
Director and actor Terry Hooper resonated with the idea and the two quickly joined forces.
Both lovers of period dramas, they decided to start off the new venture with weekly classes and the development of a play, the old classic: ‘Pride & Prejudice’.
Although it being an ambitious idea, other actors’ interest was great in this popular Jane Austen story.
Some of them came purely for the classes and found themselves cast, some pulled in because they knew Terry from previous plays he had directed and others knew they were auditioning for a role of a life time. Every good theatre company needs a strong production team and it wasn’t until long until the dream team formed itself.

In March of 2016 The Acting Collective opened at Howick Historical Village, with an overwhelming amount of visitors.
Its success didn't end there: It was followed by a wonderful week’s season at The Pump House which was concluded at the Old Vic.
After Pride & Prejudice’s success ‘The Acting Collective’ was officially established and has since enjoyed a number of highly successful shows in Auckland.


Our Current Company 

Julia Rutherford

Marianne Martin 

Aimee Olivia 

Denise Snoad                                                                  

Meg Andrews

Andrew Gordon  

Matthew Diesch

Sue Golding                                 

Christianne Van Wijk 

Lauren Middleton 

Erika Schaab Farrant

Erik van de Wydeven

Amanda Rolls 

Stephanie Jane

Terry Hooper

Tanya Wheeler

Francesca Mooney    


Daniel Townsend, Andrew Kent, Liam Herlihy, Ariana Shipman, Geoff Gunn & Aria Harrison-Sparke

We would like to thank these past Actors and Production Team  

,Jocelyn Christian, Simon Shreeve, Erin Fagan, Zachary Robinson, Shane Jefferys, Chelsea Tobin, Narina Riddle, Sam Goodchild,  Jess Bennett, Lily Garrard, Nick Davies, Sophie Sharp, Lee-Ann Dirks, Nik Rolls and Nick Martin  


Founders of The Acting Collective 

Christianne Van Wijk 

Terry Hooper 

Co - Founders of The Acting Collective 

Aimee Olivia                       Julia Rutherford 

Denise Snoad                   Andrew Gordon

Matthew Diesch                 Marianne Martin 

Sue Golding                     Lauren Middleton 

Meg Andrews                   Erika Schaab Farrant

Simon Shreeve                  Francesca Mooney               Jocelyn Christian                 Erin Fagan           

Zachary Robinson